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Hello everybody!

It has been a while since we've made a forum announcement but we will be ensuring to upkeep them from now on! I do want to say before I talk about the Factions news that all official announcements (important and minor) are announced on our Discord so ensure to join (!

As you guys can see from the title, our Factions season 1 will be ending. This has been something users have not only wanted but have expected for a while (with the official news being posted last night on Discord). Below I will explain what will be happening along with specific dates.

Factions season 1 will be ending on the 30th of March at 6pm GMT - this will be the time we record the /ftop results to see the top 3 factions. On the 30th of March from 6pm GMT till 7pm GMT there will be a 'purge event' (griefing the whole server), however this may last longer than an hour. The server will then be whitelisted after the purge...

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Hello everybody,

Recently we released our hub server (with there now being a total of 3 hubs), and now Towny (which released earlier today). This announcement will talk about the features on our Towny server, and future plans! Later within this post there will also be information about Towny staff applications.

As explained in the previous announcement, Guardian has been growing at an exceptional rate, with a lot of friendly players joining the community every day. We will continue to push out additional content across all of our clouds (servers), whilst updating the community.

Currently we have a huge 80% off sale, so ensure to check that out whilst it is available. This is our biggest sale yet, in honour of our Towny release.

Within our Towny server, there are many features, including towns (of course), jobs, custom terrain, and more. Our most key features and changes will be explained further below:


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Hello everybody,

Recently the community has been growing greatly, and will hopefully continue to as many new members are joining the server and our services. With this, we have decided to take a large step within the development and growth of Guardian - expansion.

Guardian has been doing absolutely amazing, with the community growing at a very high rate, and with this we have decided to expand our community by introducing a hub, and a new gamemode - 'Towny' later in this month. With this new gamemode we hope to please the members looking for a more progressive gamemode, where exploration and survival is available. Within the future, we may also add more gamemodes, however, our focus currently is improving skyblock and developing our towny server.

The gamemode 'Towny' is survival based, where members can create areas called towns, inviting their members and expanding their claim to become the best town. Within this gamemode we will also include a...

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Hello everybody,

I am announcing our first community event of many to come, and as you can see it is around medieval building. I will talk about the community events firstly, and then more information about this specific event.

The community events will be a range of different competitions, with a different variety of times to enter and complete (depending on the competition). Each event will have prizes for the top 3 winners - these rewards include in-game money, items and store coupons; these can be used on our store to buy anything worth the amount you win.

Community Event #1 - Medieval Building
The first event is a medieval building competition, that will last from the 1st of October till the 25th of October. There are required features within your builds, to ensure entries follow the medieval theme.

Theme: Medieval
Entry Time: Between the 1st of October and the 25th.
Judge Date: Between the 25th of October and the 31st.

How to Enter:

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Hello everybody,

Recently there hasn’t been many notices/updates on the progression of Guardian, and what is to come next. The server has decreased in players since our release, but this thread is to put minds to ease, as we have some great news!

As said on Discord and in-game (as well as previous posts), we will be continuing with updates – we have been taking many suggestions in from the community, and adding in additional items. We will be continuing with regular updates, including some new perks, gkits, etc. We will keep you notified with the upcoming updates, following the changelog posts we have been doing so far.

As said previously, updates are greatly impacted on your suggestions and ideas! It is always appreciated when members put time and effort into posts, giving their own ideas for new features, or changes. You can always create a post within the suggestions forum, or message us in Discord (we have a suggestions text channel).


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Hello everybody,

Recently we have just released the v1.3 update! This has a lot of new features, and a lot of changes, suggested by the community! View the change-log below, or use /changelog in-game.

What's Next?
As said last time, we have large plans for Guardian Skies. We do have some content coming in the future, that will require a lot of work and time, but we will continue to add new bosses, implement changes and generally add new features! Ensure to suggest any ideas (either being changes or new plugins) on our forums, Discord or message myself.

Update 1.3
Within this update we have added quite a lot of new features, including the large edition of bosses! Currently we only have two bosses, but gradually we will add more. We have also made a lot of changes, which includes increasing our hopper and villager limits greatly. A full change-log for this update will be shown below.

Fast cropping; this is a very simple feature, yet highly...

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Hello everybody,

Recently we have just pushed our 1.2 update! This adds in a few cool features, as well as many changes that have been suggested since our release. View the change-log below, or use /changelog in-game.

What's Next?
We have some large plans for Guardian Skies, not only development wise, but also community wise. We will be implementing new features very soon, with the next update containing a very large addition to the server! More information will be released in the near future, but ensure to stay up-to-date by joining our Discord community.

Update 1.2
Within this update we have added a few new features, with many changes being made thanks to the suggestions you all have been putting forward! Our updates are dependent on what the community wants, as we want to ensure the content we push out is content you want. A full change-log for this update will be shown below.

Monthly crates; a donation crate that can be purchased from our...

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Hello everybody,

Welcome to the official release of the Guardian Skies server (! To celebrate our wonderful release we currently have a 65% off sale on our whole store.

Guardian Skies is a skyblock server, full of expansive and custom features to expand on the classic skyblock experience. Our leadership team have been working on the server, on and off, for 6 months to try develop and perfect our features and the server as a whole. At Guardian Skies we strive to bring the best quality gameplay for all players in mind, whilst trying to build and connect a community together.

There are multiple ways to support our server, such as voting for rewards, and donating for perks. Donations go towards the upkeep and development of the server, including the implementation of new features. You are able to vote here, and check out our store...

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